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I have a lot of plans for expanding the content on this blog, including subscriber-only material, reader requests, exclusive short stories, and video/text essays. For now, everything I’ve written for the site has been free, but an income would help me produce even more material. I appreciate any donations or tips my readers can spare. Thank you!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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By Matthew Pridham

I write horror stories as well as film and book reviews. I've been published in Weird Tales Magazine,,, and My primary interests are modernist fiction, world domination, the horror genre (classic, avant-garde, modern), polyamory, and philosophy of every stripe. Favorite authors include (but are far from limited) to Marcel Proust, Ramsey Campbell, Martin Amis, Thomas Ligotti, Ruth Rendell, Vladimir Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges, and Clive Barker. I grew up in Bergen, Norway as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I've attended the University of New Mexico and CU Boulder.

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